Birch + Fog [Dispensary Review]

This is the intro pack I got from Birch + Fog and it’s way more than what I expected. All their products are sorted by “experience” which makes strain selection easier, especially for novice users. Everything is packaged beautifully and all came in a vacuum sealed pouch. The shipping was quick and the customer service is FABULOUS. They even made sure my edibles were plant-based. The only gripe I have is that I don’t know the strain/experience of the shatter or the keif, though I do know that the shatter is indica based. (Birch + Fog has since updated their website to include the strains included in most of their extracts/concentrates). Knowing what strain is in the edibles would also be nice. I’m SUPER excited to see Moroccan hash as it’s kind of a delicacy where I’m at. Can’t wait to munch this vegan protein bar and hit the gym!

As a dispensary, I have to give these folks full marks. Their packaging is professional and discreet. The customer service is fantastic and the products they sell are always top shelf, while remaining fairly affordable. I definitely recommend Birch + Fog to anyone looking for great quality craft cannabis products.

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Disclosure: Birch + Fog provided me with this product in exchange for an honest review. This is not an advertisement. Cannabis affects everyone differently, please consume responsibly.

This review was originally published on Instagram on July 26/2017


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